• Jan Thu,2020

Once upon a time, a lion was sleeping in a forest. Suddenly a mouse came there. He did not notice the sleeping lion. He  was running about and playing happily nearby. By chance the mouse ran over the face of the lion. The lion awoke. At that, the lion grew very angry, held him tightly and did not let him go. The mouse requested the lion respectfully to let him  go and also said that one day he would help him. The lion laughed at him and asked how he a little mouse could help a big lion. However he he let him  go. Then the lion told the mouse to run more carefully. The mouse became very grateful and thanked him saying that he  was very kind. The next week the mouse was again looking for something to eat. He saw then that the lion was tied into a net under a tree. The mouse respectfully said that he  would help him.Then the mouse cut the ropes of the net with his sharp teeth one after another and soon the lion became free. He became very grateful to the mouse. He thanked the mouse. Then he realized that help may come even from the smallest creature. So, everybody smaller or larger has importance this earth.

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