• Jan Thu,2020

One day two rats found a piece of bread. They were not able to divide it equally between them. So they went to their friend named Mr. Monkey to take his advice about how they would divide the bread. He was very wise and just to their eyes. He agreed to divide the bread into two equal halves. He also told them that it was not easy and it would cost them a lot. Then Mr. Monkey broke the bread into two pieces and put them on his scales. He saw that one piece was heavier than the other. So taking a small bite out of it, he put it back on the scales. But the other piece was heavier for his trick. So again biting a small piece out of that, he put it back on the scales. But every time the pieces were unequal. He willingly made the pieces unequal. He did it again and again. Seeing the pieces unequal the two rats shouted and exclaimed that he was eating all their bread. Mr. Monkey told them that he was doing his best to divide the bread equally but it was difficult to do the pieces equal. But even, he tried many times and soon there was only a very small piece of bread left. Then the two rats understood the fact and told Mr. Monkey to stop dividing any longer. They agreed to divide the bread themselves and told him to give them the little piece. But Mr. Monkey took it for doing a lot of work for them to divide the bread. At last the two rats understood that they should have met up their problem by themselves without taking other's help.

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