Robert Bruce and a spider or Failures are the Pillars of Success

  • Jan Thu,2020

There was a king named Robert Bruce in Scotland. He was a good ruler and brave warrior. He loved freedom. Scotland was then under the domination of England. Robert Bruce wanted to gain freedom of his country and fought against the English. He met the English soldiers in six battles one by one. But he was defeated each time. At last, he lost heart and gave up the hope of success. His enemies were trying to captures him. He became a fugitive. He roamed about in search of a shelter. He was moving in hills, jungles and forests. At last, he took shelter in a cave. One day the king was lying in the cave. He thought and thought over his misfortune. At that moment, he found a spider trying to reach the ceiling of the cave. His attention was drawn to the repeated efforts of the spider. It was trying hard again and again. The spider crawled up a few inches and then dropped on its silken thread. But it did not give up its attempts. It tried again and again and on the seventh time it became successful. The sight of the spider encouraged the king. Robert Bruce thought the spider was not disheartened in spite of repeated failure. But it went on trying again and again and at last it came out successful. It raised a new hope in the king. He became of the cave and began to gather forces. In his last effort, he became successful. Scotland was at last free.

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