Write a letter to your friend describing him a picnic

  • Jan Thu,2020

My Dear ------- 

Hope you are well. It is a long time that I know nothing of you all. I will give you a good news that we enjoyed a fantastic a picnic at a shooting spot in Gazipur. I am describing how I enjoyed the picnic. The picnic party consisted of fifty members including our parents. Our preparation was very nice. We started for the spot by bus at 7 a.m. with all necessary utensils and materials. In the bus we took breakfast and enjoyed ourselves very much. After reaching there, we set our materials to cook. Our uncle was with us. He was very expert in cooking every kind of delicious food. He was our chief cook. Some of my friends were his assistants Along with cooking, we sang, cut jokes and played different types of games. An enjoyable cultural function was arranged. We swam in the canal beside the spot. We climbed up trees and enjoyed the beauty of nature. We took attractive snaps. After taking meals we went to different beautiful places to see. There is a deep forest beside the spot. We saw many animals and birds and their activities. The spot reminded us of our village environment. Tror We also took bats and balls with us to play. In the afternoon there was a competition between the players above 30 years and below 30 years. It was an exciting game. After enjoying the game we took light refreshment and started for our homes. It will be a great pleasure if you joined our picnic. It is my earnes request to you to enjoy the picnic with us. I stop here. More when we will meet. Convey my best regards to your parents. 

Yours ever, 


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